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A Filly for Laura
Ashley Hotter
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC 
127 E. Trade Center Terrace
Mustang, Oklahoma 73064
Print Edition $8.99 US/Kindle $7.99

A Filly for Laura follows a young eight year old girl who lost her parents and now lives in a foster home with her brother. Having a hard time dealing with the loss of her parents, Laura is withdrawn and unhappy. When her foster Dad gives her the responsibility to take care of a pregnant mustang named Mae, Laura begins to change.

As a debut title for Ashley Hotter, A Filly for Laura showcases this young author's talents. The story is well-crafted, skillfully illustrated, and delightful. It is written from Laura's point of view, and Hotter did a wonderful job evoking emotion through her carefully planned words. The story is short, only 24 pages total; therefore, the pace is fast, making this a quick read for a child.

This book is great for all elementary-aged children. Additionally, it would make a great gift for a child dealing with loss and depression because the theme is about finding happiness after a tragedy. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story with my children and I would highly recommend it to other parents looking for a children's book with deeper meanings.

<![CDATA[Authorship & Insecurities]]>Sun, 31 Aug 2014 18:05:39 GMThttp://jaclynmbartz.weebly.com/blog/authorship-insecuritiesI love being published. It is a great accomplishment that I am super proud of. With all the failures along my path, it is comforting seeing something I have worked for actually turn out the way it is supposed to. No lightning striking the second my manuscript was finished. No freak occurrence when I okayed it for publishing & distribution. I made it!

But then, the high starts to fade and those pesky insecurities rear their ugly heads. I have never been a "popular" kid growing up. I was bullied throughout my lifetime, which contributed to my poor sense of self. Even though I have been working at correcting those demons inside of me, I cannot curb them. You know, they are those feelings that keep you from taking a risk and putting yourself out there for fear of being judged.

What a predicament! As authors, we move from the private lives we cherish dearly to becoming a public figure. We become a person who people want to know more about through interviews, book signings, and meetings. And yes, I do want to do those things. I am a person who loves connecting with others. Breaking out of my shell to do that is the hard part. And you cannot be a successful author if you don't make that transition.

So what is a new shy author to do? Alright, you don't have to yell at me. Yes, I should just suck it up and do it. And that is the right answer, my friend!

When I was in school for Dental Hygiene, I remember being super nervous and frightened about contacting prospective patients. "Oh boy, what if they hate me? Or think I am a terrible hygienist?" I thought irrationally to myself. Knowing I had to conquer this task in order to pass my courses, I picked up the phone despite my fears. As a result, I had scheduled my first patient for treatment. It was a pleasant experience.

Then appointment day came and this new person entered my operatory. I was nervous. But I never needed to be. My patient was awesome and extremely friendly. Eventually, I looked forward to having her come in for treatments because she valued me as a new hygienist. And it set the stage for all of my other patients during those years. I became confident because I took a risk and crawled out of my shell.

With that experience in mind, I decided to shove those insecurities aside for my career as an author. So a few weeks ago, I marched right into the local library with all my materials in hand and introduced myself to the head librarian. We talked about my book and exchanged information. As a result, they are considering me for my first book reading event. Cool!

Would I have gotten the opportunity if I had stayed inside my shell? No way!

So here is my message for you. Don't let your insecurities hold you back. You know what you want, so don't be afraid to go after it. There are people who will not like anything you do no matter how great it is. Don't let their opinions discourage you. And always be proud of the things that make you unique!  

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My blog will be shifting over to this website. All book reviews, posts, etc. will be posted here. Please stay tuned for the upcoming shift.